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Departed Brother Knights

The Knights of Columbus organization is a brotherhood and as brothers we are called to support one another. That bond of fraternal brotherhood does not end in death. Many good men have gone before us many of whom introduced us into this great organization.

In appreciation for the work they have done on earth we continue to demonstrate that bond of fraternal brotherhood by remembering our deceased brothers in our prayers. Life is indeed changed not ended. Our brothers continue to live in our hearts and in our minds. Do not forget what these great men taught us about living our faith in Jesus Christ.


May the souls of our faithful departed brothers through the mercy of God rest in peace, Amen.

  • Sir Knight Rick Oules (Charter Member) - 4/4/2011

  • Brother Marcell Conti - 12/4/2012

  • Sir Knight Howard Stoltz - 9/8/2012

  • Sir Knight Robert Scott - 01/6/2015

  • Sir Knight Ted Rosica (Charter Member) - 05/22/2015

  • Brother John Dineen - 6/29/16

  • Brother Elmo Novaresi (Charter Member) - 10/10/17

  • Sir Knight Ken Broz - 11/22/17

  • Brother Scott Spell - 11/14/20

  • Sir Knight Glenn Allen (PGK) - 12/11/20

  • Sir Knight Tim Mabie (Charter Member and PGK) - 2/13/21

  • Brother Richard "Dick" Ciccarelli - 2/13/21

  • Sir Knight Leo "Jack" Conti (Charter Member and PGK) - 2/23/21

  • Brother Joe Cavanagh (Charter Member) - 4/15/21

  • Brother Tim Darcey - 4/16/22

  • Brother Richard Langowski

  • Brother Rudy Leon - 6/19/22

  • Brother Mark Weiner - 10/4/22

  • Brother Jim Cortese (Charter Member and PGK) - January 2023

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